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December 16, 2018

Since February, I’ve expanded the archive with material related to the 32nd Armored Regiment and the battle for Cologne. I’m now shifting from that topic. Today marks the 74th anniversary of the date the Battle of the Bulge began. I’ve added three documents related to the 26th Infantry Regiment and its role during the Bulge, specifically the battle for Domäne Bütgenbach. More to come next month.


Situation Overlay, 26th Inf Rgt, 20 Dec 44

S-3 Periodic Report No. 184, 26th Inf Rgt

Dom Bütgenbach aerial photograph, 24 Dec 44

Dom Bütgenbach watercolor by Harrison Standley

November 11, 2018

Today marks the second anniversary of ETO History. It’s also Veterans Day, and I decided to honor one particular veteran, Russell Shoff of the 32nd Armored Regiment. I’ve uploaded his Distinguished Service Cross recommendation to the archive as well as documentation related to a Panzer unit that defended Cologne. I also added the IDPF for Karl Kellner, a 32nd Armored officer who died in the city. Next update—December 16.


Russell Shoff DSC Recommendation

Pz.Brig. Feldherrnhalle, 1 Feb 45

Karl Kellner IDPF

October 15, 2018

This month I dug out three more photos, and I wrote a short essay on the famous motion-picture footage showing the destruction of Wilhelm Bartelborth’s Panther near the Cologne Cathedral on March 6, 1945. Next update—November 11.


Motion-Picture Film by Bates and Rosenmann

2cm Flak guns photograph

Bartelborth’s Panther photograph

Aerial photograph of Bartelborth’s Panther

September 25, 2018
Like my last update, this month’s additions to the archive stemmed from subscriber requests, people asking what unpublished photos I might have relating to the 32nd Armored Regiment and the battle for Cologne. Here are four pictures, only one of which I’ve seen elsewhere. You can download them from the archive. Next update—October 15.


Rose-Doan-Hickey photograph
M4A3E8 at Paffendorf photograph
Leander Doan photograph
Clifford Miller photograph

July 15, 2018

Several of my subscribers have asked for the 1:50,000 U.S. Army topographic maps referenced in the 32nd Armored Regiment combat interviews. These maps are now in the archive along with a hand-written tabulation of enemy equipment destroyed by Task Force X (3rd Armored Division) during the fight for Cologne.  Next update in September.


Total Equipment Destroyed (TFX)

AMS-M741-19, Jülich

AMS-M741-39, Köln

June 15, 2018

The March 1945 after-action report for the 32nd Armored Regiment is now in the archive along with a battle-deaths roster produced by the Adjutant General’s Office in 1947. I also added a VII Corps campaign map. This rare document measures 22x29 inches. My next archive update will be on July 15.


After-Action Report, 32nd Armd Rgt, Mar 45

32nd Armd Rgt Battle Deaths

VII Corps Campaign Map

May 15, 2018

As promised, I’ve begun adding POW interrogation reports generated by the 3rd Armored Division. These documents pertain to the enemy forces engaged in the battle for Cologne. I’ve slated June 15 for my next update.


G-2 Periodic Report, 6 Mar 45

IPW Reports, 6 Mar 45

IPW Reports, 7 Mar 45

April 15, 2018

This month’s additions to the archive include two high resolution Tiger tank photographs and three more manuscripts related to the battle for Cologne. The manuscripts originated from 1st Lt. Fred L. Hadsel’s team of historians, i.e., VII Corps Team, Second Information and Historical Service, First U.S. Army. Next month, on May 15, I’ll post prisoner-of-war interrogation reports.


TFX, Notes on Operation, 4-6 Mar 45

Enemy Order of Battle, Roer to the Rhine

Extracts from Field Orders

Tiger 211 at Elsdorf photograph

Tiger 211 and Nicholas Mashlonik photograph

March 15, 2018

The archive now includes “combat interviews” for each battalion of the 32nd Armored Regiment during the February 26 to March 6, 1945 time period. More of these manuscripts will follow next month on April 15.


Combat Interview, 1st Bn, 32nd Armd Rgt

Combat Interview, 2nd Bn, 32nd Armd Rgt

Combat Interview, 3rd Bn, 32nd Armd Rgt

February 15, 2018

Over the coming months, I’ll post records related to the 32nd Armored Regiment and its participation in the March 1945 battle for Cologne, Germany. The first four documents are now accessible and include a 1:25,000 topographic map used by the 2nd Battalion during the battle. The map measures 39x40 inches (99x102 cm), and it's a treasure trove of information. Next month, on March 15, I’ll begin adding “combat interviews” written contemporaneously by U.S. Army historians.


Map 2nd Bn, 32nd Armd Rgt, 3-6 Mar 1945

Map “Plan of Attack on Cologne”

TFX Routes of Attack, 26 Feb 45

Doan-Hickey-Rose photograph

January 15, 2018
I’ve begun the New Year by posting two aerial photographs and three U.S. Army topographic maps . These relate to the 2nd Armored Division records that I’ve previously added to the archive. Next month on February 15, I’ll begin posting 32nd Armored Regiment documents from the battle for Cologne, Germany, in March 1945. (I have more 2nd Armored documents but will save them for later.)

Les Hauts-Vents aerial photo, 26 Jul 44
Trelly aerial photo, 5 Oct 45

AMS-M661-6F, Saint Lô-Vire
AMS-M762-6F-3, Coutances
AMS-M865-31-14 SE, Gavray

Aside from the archive, several of my website subscribers have sites of their own. Here are several links, including the MIA Project site run by one of my Belgian colleagues, Jean-Philippe Speder:

MIA Project – 99th Infantry Division

RZM Imports / RZM Publications

Time on Target – 945th Field Artillery Battalion

PFC Lawrence S. Gordon Foundation


February 28, 1945: M4A3 (76) HVSS from the 32nd Armored Regiment crosses a treadway bridge over the Erft Canal at Paffendorf, Germany. (T/5 John W. Himes, 165th SPC)

March 6, 1945: Obltn. Wilhelm Bartelborth’s Panther catches fire in Cologne after a direct hit by S/Sgt. Robert M. Earley's T26A3 Pershing from Company E, 32nd Armored Regiment. Bartelborth survived the destruction of his tank though wounded. Earley received an oak-leaf cluster to his Bronze Star Medal for this action. The German crew was from Panzer-Abteilung 2106. (T/5 John W. Himes, 165th SPC)

March 6, 1945: Col. Leander L. Doan (left) of Douglas, Arizona, and Lt. Col. Clifford L. Miller of Rochester, New York, study a map before driving to the center of Cologne, Germany. Doan commanded the 32nd Armored Regiment, and Miller commanded the Second Battalion, 32nd.

March 2, 1945: 32nd Armored Regiment tanks move into Quadrath, Germany. Buildings in the background still burn from recent enemy shelling of this frontline town just outside Cologne. (T/4 Leo B. Moran, 165th SPC)

Author Mark Bando explains the actions of Staff Sergeant James J. Cermak (41st AIR) at Pont-Brocard, France. Cermak received the Distinguished Service cross for singlehandedly repelling two enemy attacks and destroying two enemy halftracks and seven motorcycles. Bando was the first author to focus on the 2nd Armored Division's pivotal role in the Normandy breakout. Photo by Bill Warnock

April 17, 1945: PFC Weslyn R. Sucher (1909-1964) from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, rests against an M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage at Dessau, Germany. He served with the 83rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Armored Division. (John R. Driza, 165th SPC)

August 6, 1944: Pvt. Edwin L. Larsen (1915-2009) from Anchorage, Alaska, a member of Recon Company, 32nd Armored Regiment. (Joseph A. DeMarco, 165th SPC)


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