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December 16, 2020
Today I posted three new documents following up on Battle of the Bulge posts from earlier this year.

Situation Overlay, 30th Inf Div, 20 Dec 44
Freiherr von der Heydte Interrogation, 27 Dec 1944
Decoded V Corps Messages, Greif Commandos, 19 Dec 44

November 11, 2020
Today marks the fourth anniversary of this website. It’s also Veterans Day, and I am honoring one particular veteran, PFC Francis Currey of the 120th Infantry Regiment. He earned the Medal of Honor for his actions in December 1944 while defending the Pont-de-Warche papermill near Malmédy, Belgium. I’ve added his MoH recommendation to my archive plus three other documents.

Currey MoH Recommendation
Situation Overlay, 120th Inf Rgt, 18 Dec 44
George Schneider Memoir, 120th Inf Rgt
Units of 30th Inf Div (codenames)

October 17, 2020

I’ve updated my online archive with four documents related to the formation of Otto Skorzeny’s Panzer-Brigade 150 prior to the Battle of the Bulge. The documents are “Ultra reports,” encrypted German radio messages deciphered by the codebreakers at Bletchley Park.


Ultra Report HP 2032, 3 Oct 44

Ultra Report HP 5274, 1 Nov 44

Ultra Report HP 5461, 3 Nov 44

Ultra Report HP 6297, 11 Nov 44

September 13, 2020
My online archive has a new subject area, the American defense of the Pont-de-Warche papermill in December 1944. This battle occurred near Malmédy, Belgium, and pitted the U.S. 120th Infantry Regiment against Otto’s Skorzeny’s Panzer-Brigade 150

Combat Interview, The Defense of Malmédy

Overlay, Combat Interview, The Defense of Malmédy
Aerial photograph, Malmédy papermill, 24 Dec 44
S-2 overlay, 120th Inf Rgt, 21 Dec 44

June 21, 2020
The Lafayette Pool collection in my online archive now includes topographic maps referenced in documents already in the archive. I'm taking a break for the summer but will be back in September with documents on a new subject—the defense of Malmédy by the 120th Infantry Regiment during the Battle of the Bulge.

AMS-M603-15 and 16 (cropped)
AMS-M703-146, Laon
AMS-M703-161, Braine-sur-Vesle

May 20, 2020
Lafayette Pool lost three tanks during his combat career with the 32nd Armored Regiment. The regiment’s losses during August and September 1944 are detailed in two new documents now in the online archive. There’s also a wartime photo of Pool’s tank (“In the Mood”) crossing the Meuse River at Liège, Belgium, in September 1944. This image was scanned from the original negative.

Tanks Rendered Inoperative, 32nd Armd Rgt, Aug 44
Tanks Rendered Inoperative, 32nd Armd Rgt, Sep 44
ETO-HQ-44-14374, Lafayette Pool’s M4A1(76)W


April 18, 2020
Last year, I began posting documents pertaining to Lafayette Pool, famed tank commander from the 32nd Armored Regiment. I’m now continuing with three new documents from the period when Pool earned his Distinguished Service Cross.


Field Order No. 12, 3rd Armd Div, 31 Aug 44
Morning Reports, Co I, 32nd Armd Rgt, 29-31 Aug 44
After-Action Report, 32nd Armd Rgt, Aug 44


March 8, 2020
This month marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the battle for Cologne, Germany. My online archive now includes three more 32nd Armored Regiment documents related to that battle.


Map, Town Plan of Köln, 1:11,000
Disposition Overlay, CCA, 3rd Armd Div, 8 Mar 45
Operating Instructions 26, CCA, 3rd Armd Div, 7 Mar 45


February 16, 2020
Today I’ve added four more unpublished 8x10 photos to my archive. They relate to Einheit von der Heydte and Operation Stösser. Two pictures show a wrecked Junkers 52 shot down while attempting to reach the drop zone in Belgium. All the German paratroopers onboard died in the crash.


ETO-HQ-44-30053, crashed Junkers 52
ETO-HQ-44-30055, crashed Junkers 52
ETO-HQ-44-30122, Fallschirmjäger parachute
ETO-HQ-44-30131, Fallschirmjäger prisoner


January 28, 2020
Continuing on last month’s theme, I’ve updated my archive with four unpublished 8x10 photos of captured German paratroopers from Einheit von der Heydte. These men participated in Operation Stösser and fell into American captivity on December 17, 1944, after being dropped inside Germany by mistake.

ETO-HQ-44-30129, Fallschirmjäger prisoner
ETO-HQ-44-30132, Fallschirmjäger prisoner
ETO-HQ-44-30133, Fallschirmjäger prisoner
ETO-HQ-44-30134, Fallschirmjäger prisoners

Otto Skorzeny (1908-1975), Commanding Officer, Panzer-Brigade 150. (photo by Oblt. Walter Frentz, FHQ)

Leander L. Doan (1905-1964) took charge of the 32nd Armored Regiment on July 25, 1944, and served as its commanding officer for the remainder of combat operations in Europe. He earned the Distinguished Service Cross for "extraordinary heroism" on July 30 in Normandy. Doan is pictured here in February 1955. (photo by Ellis Robinson, Civilian)

December 17, 1944: This Fallschirmjäger, at an MP headquarters in Kornelimünster, Germany, became a prisoner of war during Operation Stösser. He showed little fight and gave up after being misdropped in Germany. (T/5 Leander P. Zwick Jr., 165th SPC)

December 17, 1944: Mangled bodies of German paratroopers and aircraft wreckage scattered about a field near Jüllich, Germany. The Junkers 52 transport was shot down by 29th Infantry Division antiaircraft fire. The paratroopers never reached their drop zone as part of Operation Stösser. (Sgt D. W.  Miller, 167th SPC)


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