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January 20, 2021
Today I've added three new documents to my online archive. They relate to the 2nd Infantry Division and its battle for Krinkelt-Rocherath in December 1944.

Destruction of German Armor (644th TD Bn)
German Armor Destroyed by Owen McDermott
Enemy Tanks Destroyed, Krinkelt-Rocherath

Four years ago, I posted a damaged copy of Robert Utley’s “Enemy Tanks Destroyed” map. I subsequently found another copy in perfect condition. Both are now in my archive. Utley’s tally was 77 knocked-out enemy tanks, certainly an inflated number as it exceeds the armored strength of the German units involved in the battle. This likely occurred because the map was based on after-action claims and not a battlefield survey.

February 1, 1945: Krinkelt, Belgium, after its

recapture by the 2nd Infantry Division. (S/Sgt. Dwight P. Ellett, 165th SPC)


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