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Author Updates and Archive Additions

May 14, 2023

While digging through archival material from the Armored Section, 12th Army Group, I discovered a fascinating document revealing that the U.S. Army considered providing German Fallschirmjäger helmets to American tank crews. The document is now in my archive along with three other records from the TAG Armored Section.

Utilization of German Paratrooper Helmets, 5 Oct 44
Notes on Separate Tank Battalions, 18 Aug 44
Special Maintenance Difficulties, 5 Nov 44
Tank Inventory, 12th Army Group, 8 Aug 44


April 29, 2023

Among the records of the Armored Section, 12th Army Group, I found an accounting by unit of First Army medium tank losses in December 1944. I’ve uploaded it to my archive along with two other documents.

Exterior Telephones on Tanks, 12 Aug 44
First Army Medium Tank Losses, Dec 44
Notes on Separate Tank Battalions, 13 Aug 44

March 19, 2023


Here are three more documents culled from the records of the Armored Section, 12th Army Group. One is a three-page memorandum with commentary on test results regarding the effectiveness of American tanks and antitank weapons against the German Panther. 

Battle Experiences, 11 Oct 44
Distribution of M4 Tanks with 76-mm Guns, 6 Aug 44
Effectiveness of Tank and AT Weapons Against Panther, 10 Aug 44

February 12, 2023

This month, I’ve created a new subject area in my online archive. It contains records from the Armored Section of 12th Army Group. Here are the first three documents:

Allotment of Tanks from British Sources, 30 Dec 44
Armored Force Replacement System, 11 Dec 44
Arrival of first M26 Tanks in First Army, 8 Mar 45

January 22, 2022

Picking up on a theme from last spring, I’ve uploaded three more map overlays pertaining to the 2nd Armored Division in April 1945. I’ve superimposed them on topographic maps.

Overlay, CCB, 3 Apr 45
CCB, Security Plan, 3 Apr 45
Overlay, CCB, 21 Apr 45

October 17, 1945: Nürnberg Ordnance Depot where tanks were salvaged or sent back to the United States. (T/5 Hewitt, 3264th Sig Serv Bn)

April 18, 1945: Tank crewman from the 66th Armored Regiment marches German prisoners past the burning Justice Building on Halberstädter-Straße in Magdeburg. (Edward M. DuTiel, 168th SPC)

66th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division, April 1945, Magdeburg
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