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February 18, 2024

This month, I’ve posted three combat interviews related to the 11th Armored Division. One pertains to the 21st Armored Infantry Battalion, the unit responsible for the Chenogne massacre.

21st Armd Inf Bn (Keach)
41st Cav Rcn Sq (Greene)
63rd Armd Inf Bn (Sheely)

January 14, 2024

Are you familiar with the Chenogne massacre? I have endeavored to unearth primary-source documents pertaining to the massacre and the battle for Chenogne on January 1, 1945. Here are the first three records (with many more to come): 

Interrogation Report 2, CCA, 11th Armd Div, 1 Jan 45
Interrogation Report 3, CCA, 11th Armd Div, 2 Jan 45
IPW Team 52, 11th Armd Div, 1 Jan 45

Check out Mark Felton’s video about Chenogne:

A Tale of Two Ardennes Massacres

The Burnotte Farm served as a German station on January 1, 1945. It was also the scene of a massacre after the building caught fire and Germans inside attempted to surrender.

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